First release of collaboration music with Kafu and ZOOKARADERU “Himitsu no Kotoba (Secret Words)” Alya (V.A. Sumire Uesaka) ver. Comments have arrived!

In April 2023, “Himitsu no Kotoba (Secret Words)” by Kafu and ZOOKARADERU, the song created for commemorating the TV anime adaptation of "Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian".
In the second main PV, Alya (V.A. Sumire Uesaka) version of the song is released for the first time!
We hope you will enjoy this exclusive collaboration.

Furthermore, congratulatory comments arrived from Kafu and ZOOKARADERU!


Big gift before the animation airs! The suite "Himitsu no Kotoba(Secret Words)" with my favorite ZOOKARADERU.
It was so wonderful to hear Sumire Uesaka, who played Alya, sing the song, and you could really feel the crush and warmth in her voice...!
I can't wait for the broadcast! I'm looking forward to it!


I was very happy to hear Sumire Uesaka sing "Himitsu no Kotoba (Secret Words)", which I had worked so hard on with Kafu, because it had a different flavor!
Also, when I watched the PV, I got the feeling that Arisa and Masachika are finally going to make their move, which was great.
I am looking forward to the start of the broadcast!

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